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20kg Adjustable Weight Vest

Are you looking for an exercise equipment to spice up your everyday workout routine and add a challenge to it? Or do you want an equipment to help fight your bone loss, enhance muscle strength, and burn your calories superfast?

You can achieve all of that using our 20kg weight vest that is completely adjustable, affordable, and perfect for strength training and fitness whether you want to do it at home or gym.

Our amazing 20 kg weight vest is one of the best strength training vests you will find in the Uk as it is made of premium-quality Nylon and cast-iron material. The unisex modern design and black color makes it look good on everyone.

The best part about our weight vest is that both beginner and professional fitness enthusiasts can use it to their benefit. You can also wear it for a good run or cycling without worrying about the wear or rust issues because it has a protective layering for harsh weather conditions.

Moreover, the breathable nylon body and cast-iron weights that are difficult to get in the 20kg range makes it even more useful and unique. Now that you have understood the benefits of using our super modern and innovatively designed weight vest, it’s time to find out the great features it has to give you a better insight about it.

The top-notch features of our 20kg weight vest are,

  • Adjustable velcro straps
  • Breathable and durable nylon material
  • Removable cast iron weights (15-20kg)
  • Foam padding for body support
  • Lower profile fit for full range of motion
  • Suitable for bodyweight and functional training
  • Long lasting build with 5 years of warranty

What Components does the Weight Vest Include?

All the components in our 20Kg weight vest make it super useful for athletes, fitness freaks, and beginners who are getting into strength training by adjusting the weights. The best part is that you can also use it for every day cardio like running, jogging, jumping, etc. That’s because the cast iron weights are easy on the body and distributed in a uniform way to prevent injuries.

The components in the 20Kg weight vest are:

  • Four 5Kg cast-iron bar weights
  • A belt to fit around the waist
  • Breathable Nylon body
  • Velcro straps to keep the weights in place
  • Product Description

Designed with extreme care and thorough research, this 20Kg weight vest is one of the best you will get in the UK. Using the premium-quality material for its manufacturing we made sure that the weight vest help stays your fitness partner for at least 5 to 10 years without any wear or tear. Here is the detail of the specifications that make this weight vest ideal for muscle strength and endurance exercise, home training, and athlete level professional functional workouts.

Breathable and Durable Nylon Material

The strategically modern design of our 20Kg weighted vests include the breathable nylon material that sucks out all the moisture and keep your body sweatproof. And because the weights are enough to add the resistance, we chose the nylon material as it is durable and lightweight. A weight vest that doesn’t let you sweat is no less than an ideal workout equipment.

Removable Cast Iron Weights

Now coming to the main feature of the weight vest which is the four 5Kg removeable cast iron bar weights on the backside of the vest. If you are a beginner, you can start with only one bar; however, if you are an athlete or a strength trainer 15Kg or 20Kg bars will be perfect for you. You can make this weight vest a part of your daily cardio or various workout routines like squats, pull-ups, box jumps, etc.

Ergonomic Built

We kept the design of the weight vest in a way that the cast-iron bars spread uniformly so that you don’t have any difficulty while working out. So, when you put pressure during an exercise you have to exert equal force from both sides.

Adjustable Velcro Straps

One of the best features of our 20kg weight vest is the adjustable velcro straps that keep the bulky weights in place no matter how much you move. The quality of the velcro straps is top-notch considering they have to maintain the position of four 5Kg cast-iron weights.

Weather and Rustproof

Another feature that we want to mention is the rustproof and weatherproof nature of the 20Kg weight vest which means you can use it in both outdoors and indoor training. The high-quality material ensures the durability of the weighted vest, and it comes with a 5-year warranty.

CrossFit Training

Any activewear or equipment that is designed for crossfit training has to be marvelous and so is the 20Kg weight vest. You can easily move your body and do intense workout without any stress of ripping it because it won’t lose its functionality no matter how often you work out.

Easy Usability

There’s no point of getting a fitness equipment if it isn’t easy to use but don’t worry, because our 20Kg weight vest is highly functional and easily usable. You can wear it like a usual vest and use the belt to tighten it around your body and do any workout you want.

Perfect for Calisthenics and Functional Training

Strength and functional training like calisthenics require intensive exertion, grasping, and pushing so our weight vest is the best fit. That’s because it’s highly durable, has a unique fit, and it won’t make you feel itchy and uncomfortable so you can wear it for longer durations.

Lower Profile Fit

The 20Kg weight vest has a lower profile fit with a hook and loop closure that makes it easy for you to adjust the fit during different exercises to optimize it for quick movements.

Safety and Stability

Last but not least, a great aspect of using this weight vest is its balance and safety with a wide range of movements and exercises. The cast-iron bars don’t move from their place; hence, you don’t need to stress about the injury. And you can easily remove the weights if 20Kg is too much for you and use it comfortably.

Customer Reviews

Amazing product, well made and very versatile
The first test i did was to go for a 5 mile walk just to see how comfortable it would be, and how it felt balance-wise over a bit of distance: balance-wise it was fine, but your shoulders will ache with the full 20kg. The second test was to take just under half of the weight out and then go for a 4 mile run: this thing will really put your legs and lungs to the test. The design of the vest is great, the stitching is well done, and the weights are solid bars which you can take out as to your needs. The best advice i can give is to make sure the horizontal belt is evenly adjusted on both sides so it meets perfectly to clip together on the front. That way it will sit perfectly with little movement, with the combination of the velcro and the clip-strap, when you run. Overall it is a great piece of quality kit: probably the best i've used in quite a while.

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Color - ‎Black
Size - One Size
Weight - ‎20 Kilograms
Material type - Nylon, Cast Iron
Included components - ‎Mega Shape Weighted Vest - 20kg Fully Adjustable.
Calisthenics, CrossFit, Strength Training, Home And Commercial Use.
Brand - MegaShape
Department - ‎Unisex
Manufacturer - MegaShape
Item model number - WV20-01
Package Dimensions - 35 x 35 x 15 cm; 20 Kilograms

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