Weight Plates

The top-quality standard weight plates for adjustable dumbbells and barbells

Adjustable dumbbells and barbell exercises are some of the most important elements of strength training. Their effectiveness depends on many factors. However, such aspects as a good training plan, systematic approach, and correctly selected weight are especially important. If we are talking about the last aspect, then the possibilities are practically unlimited. The choice of plate weights for adjustable dumbbells and barbells is very large. But the questions about what to look for when choosing a set of weighted plates and how to calculate weight and quantity correctly are always relevant for risk-free and effective training.

To make your home or gym training more safe and efficient we offer for sale high-quality plastic coated standard weight plates of black color weighing:

  • 1.25kg
  • 2.5 kg
  • 5 kg
  • 10 kg

All weights sets have a 30 mm bore, concrete-filled, and scratch/drop resistant.

The advantages of vinyl plate weights

Affordability and cheap price are among the main benefits of plastic-coated weight plates. The others are described below:

  • The complete safety of exercise. As you know, a distinctive feature of functional training from weightlifting is exercises with dropping the weight from above your head to the floor. Soft plate covering gives you full assurance that you won't break your exercise platform or the floor in your own home while you are training. Giving in mind that plate weights are made drop and shock resistant, the risk of their destruction is excluded.
  • No excessive noise and maximum comfort of use. These are keys to effective training to achieve your goals.
  • Economy and durability. You can save money by purchasing cheap and quality training products.

Gradual increasing weighted plates is essential

Every trainee should keep in mind the principles of gradual training which is considered one of the safest ways to exercise. During the first training sessions, it is necessary to use light-weighted plate sets. This is especially important for beginners who first need to learn how to correctly perform the necessary movements.

In the next series, you can add some plate weights and do this exercise again. The weight can be increased only in case if there were no problems with the exercise. Basically, the number of plates should be expanded until doing 8-12 reps is optimal.

In this way, you can set the weight that will present a challenge for you. As you gain experience, you should increase the weight by about 10%. It is worth recording information about your successes and weighted increasing, as well as the number of approaches and repetitions performed.

How to choose a set of plates for the barbell and adjustable dumbbells

The correct selection of the weight and quantity of the plates is very important since your progress would largely depend on this. Before buying them it is necessary to determine the maximum muscle strength and calculate the necessary weight. To stress your muscles the weight of the equipment should be between 60 and 80% of the One Repetition Max. 1 RM (One-Rep Max) means the weight you can lift for only one repetition. Many Internet resources offer detailed explanations of the one-rep meaning and special weight calculators.

Adjustable dumbbells and barbells with plate weights sets are versatile training equipment that is perfect for both men and women. Calculate your optimal training program, weight, frequency of repetitions and enjoy the results. And remember, whether you are practicing in the gym or at home, training safety is essential.