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Adjustable dumbbells set 50kg (2x25kg)

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50 kg Dumbbell set

Looking for space friendly weight training equipment to work out at home? Or you need to build strength and muscles and require an all-in-one dumbbell set to gradually increase the difficulty.

Well, we have the right solution for you. This 50 KG dumbbell set with an adjustable weight setting is the perfect candidate for home training, strength building and other workouts without hijacking a bigger space.

Designed with the latest technology and innovative insight this 50 KG dumbbell set is one of the best weight training equipment you will find in the UK. Top-notch built quality and protective layering protect it from the effects of weather and other factors and you can use it without having to worry about wear and rust issues.

These 50 Kg dumbbells are made to suit all users whether you are a beginner or a pro in weight training. The design ensures stability and grip safety so that no unfortunate incidents happen during workouts. The set is manufactured with cast iron which is hard to get in this weight range.

So you are lucky that you have landed on the right page to buy one of the best weight training sets for your gym or gift a fitness freak friend. Let's have a quick look at the amazing features this remarkable dumbbell set has to offer.

Star features of this 50 KG dumbbell set:

  • Adjustable weight settings
  • Space-saving design
  • Unmatchable grip and stability
  • Rust and waterproof coating
  • Long-lasting built
  • Noise-free operation for a quiet and peaceful workout
  • Ergonomic design offering uniform weight distribution
  • Fit for all users be it, beginners or high-level weight trainers

What the set includes

What makes this dumbbell set super feasible and convenient for all users is its multiple weight plates. Trainers or athletes can use it according to their strength, workout needs or exercises they are involved in. The plates or not are of similar weights but have a variety so even if a beginner is using the set they can start right from the smallest weight.

This adjustable 50 Kg dumbbell set includes:

  • Four 2.5 Kg weight plates
  • Eight 5 KG weight plates
  • Two iron bars for dumbbells
  • Four spinlock vinyl collars

Product description

Carefully manufactured, this dumbbell set is an astonishing piece of intelligence and marvel. With no compromise on quality and built material, this 50 KG dumbbell set will be your workout companion for years to come without losing its shine and structure. Some of the specs making this product outclass and one of the top picks for home gyms, weight training or power building exercises are:

Adjustable weights

Finding adjustable weight plates in a dumbbell set is not uncommon. But finding one with a variety of weights does. Keeping the user's ease and strength levels in mind this set is packed with various weight settings to enable them to use it at their convenience. Trainers can use the simple bar also who are in for stamina building or gradually increase it as they develop endurance.

Reliable grip

Strength training and high impact workouts result in immense sweating and this may cause the user's grip to loosen on the bar. Rubber coated engraved bar design of this dumbbell set ensures that even if it is raining the rod doesn't slip from the trainer’s hand. This is eminent for the safety of the users as lifting a weight this heavy may cause severe injuries in case of falling or sudden slip.

Ergonomic built

Be it 2.5 kg weight or 50 kg altogether the ergonomic design of this weight set distributes the weight uniformly over the rod. The perfectly engineered design gives the dumbbell set unbeatable stability so that there is no extra strain applied on any muscle involved in lifting the weight. Also, the equipment is made compact and portable so as saving your space and perfect for travel.

Durable material

Use of high-quality iron coated with vinyl and rubber gives this dumbbell set a lifetime of decades. The material doesn't wear off or lose its strength even with bumping or with rough use. You won’t find any bending, cracks or scratches on the rod or weight plates even after years of use. Investing in such a high-quality product will give you equipment that lasts long and won’t need frequent repairs, polishing or replacement.

Silent equipment

Rubber and vinyl coating over the plates and rod prevent the weight plates from creating unpleasant noise while training. The operation is almost noiseless and whether you are in an empty gym or working out at night there are no worries about the clanging of metal.

Weather and rustproof

The dumbbell set is coated with a protective layer which makes it weather and rust-resistant. No matter whether you are residing near the sea or in the mountains this set won't rust or get damaged by anything.

Easy to use

With spinlock collars and quick fitting plates, you can assemble the equipment in seconds without any manual or guide. This user-friendly design gives newbies and less technical people a chance to use and fit the set without any extra hassle and mental exercise.

Best for strength training

Innovative build and design of this set gives targeted results on muscles and body structure. Perfect for shoulder building and leg training this dumbbell set will enhance your endurance, stamina and body structure like no other dumbbell set.

Safety and stability

Another great aspect of using this dumbbell set is its balance and safety with a wide range of movements and exercises. The weight plates are also non-slipping plus designed in a uniform structure so the weight distribution lets the user use them separately without injuring themselves.

Sleeve fitting

Rubber embedded sleeves of this 50 KG dumbbell set to lock the plates securely and perfectly via fasteners and collars. So the plates don’t wiggle, loosen up or cause huge noise while training.

Tri-grip technology

The weight plates of this 50 KG dumbbell set have 3 handles i.e. tri-grip technology. This makes it super convenient to hold and fit in the rod plus while using the plates separately for workouts the handles offer good grip and stable motion

Customer Reviews

Best-priced set
In my opinion, the best-priced set for practicing at home, I believe that it is possible to do almost all basic exercises using it in order to keep fit. I've been using it for a little over a month, so far I'm happy with it.
Good buyer, fast payment
1st class comms, item as described, highly recommend Arrived the next day and exactly as described, perfect thanks!

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plates vinyl
dumbbell bar custom iron
Weight 50kg/110lb
Color black
Type weights
Brand Megashape

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