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Adjustable dumbbells set 40kg (2х20kg)

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Adjustable dumbbells are the best solution for professional training staying at home

Among other modern inventions for strength training, the adjustable dumbbells hold a special place because this is one of the most effective ways to build muscle. If you prefer free weights over the nautilus equipment, you can buy them to get such good training opportunities as shoulder workouts, load squats, doing abdominal crunches, sit-ups, bench press, etc.

 Also, adjustable dumbbells have another indisputable advantage, they are completely safe for home use and you will not need someone to spot you if you decide to max out. The compactness and versatility allow you to fully engage even in small-spaced rooms. Here you can buy high-quality dumbbells set that will save you money and space.

Adjustable dumbbells in the UK for the best price

Unquestionably adjustable dumbbells will be a subject of interest for both beginners and experienced professionals. The MegaShape online store offers cheap functional dumbbells with the ability to have that whole rack in one set. These dumbbell handles are designed to provide adequate hand protection. They form well and provide a good grip. Also, they are handy and portable for easy storage.

They are functional fitness equipment that is flexible and easy to use allowing performing multiple workout tasks that could otherwise be performed by more than one piece of equipment. The main difference from regular dumbbells is that they are durable and rarely require replacement. Due to the special design, you can set a certain weight quickly and easily.

40kg consist of 14 pieces:

  • 8pcs x 2.5kg weights plates;
  • 4pcs x 5kg weights plates;
  • 2pcs x iron dumbbell bar and 4pcs x vinyl spinlock collars.

One of the main benefits of this set is that it allows you to adjust the weight depending on the level of your bulk up, as well as the training stage. Even experienced bodybuilders start training with a light warm-up, gradually increasing the weight. This warms up the muscles, preparing them for higher work sets.

Adjustable dumbbells set is an economical choice for home use. It saves space, time for organizing a workout, as well as your finances as our company offers the best price. You can increase your workload without increasing your iron. This is a multifunctional unit that allows you to equip your own in-home gym and work out at any convenient time.

Customer Reviews

Good set
We've ordered this set in our small gym, because we already know this brand for its products; we just assembled the package upon receipt. They sent it the next day after ordering; there are no issues with the configuration, everything is OK. Good outfit at an affordable price.
I really liked the set, the weights are enough and to spare.
Weight plates of very good quality, no smell, the weight corresponds.
Take it and you won't regret.

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plates vinyl
dumbbell bar custom iron
Weight 40kg/89lb
Color black
Type weights
Brand Megashape

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