Adjustable dumbbells set 30kg (2x15kg)

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With a pair of our adjustable dumbbells, you can take your training to the next level without stepping foot in a gym. 

This set is fine for every person. Athletes will find it useful for the initial warm-up, while the rookies even can start the routine exercises on the first steps to fitness. Besides, the price is affordable. Barbells and dumbbells are almost eternal for workouts. The only reason to change them is the purchase of bigger weights. Though, the adjustable dumbbells 30kg always are helpful for basic fitness.

30kg consist of 18 pieces:

  • 8pcs x 1.25kg weights plates
  • 8pcs x 2.5kg weights plates
  • 2pcs x iron dumbbell bar and 4pcs x vinyl spinlock сollars

Dumbbells are an excellent athletic equipment that allows you to practice both in the gym and at home. The device will allow you to quickly assemble it and select the correct load for various exercises. The neck sits comfortably in the hand, does not slip out of the groove on the surface of the handle (12cm). The pancakes are securely held in place with the Vader nut. Thanks to the plastic shell, the discs will not damage the floor or walls if dropped. During training, they do not rattle, no smell. Dumbbells are a simple and very effective way to build muscle and strengthen your entire body.

These dumbbells set were projected for all ages and genders. 30 kg is a starter pack, so your demands will be higher soon. The devices are completely compatible with standard gym equipment too. Hence, the athlete can collect more and more needed weights freely. Of course, every piece can be used separately and combined with other heavy devices in your gym or home.

These adjustable dumbbells are used not only during hard workouts but for rehabilitation exercises, as well. Unlike the bigger kits, this one is needed even for professionals. Flexibility and robust joints are vital for every intensive physical activity. Thus, we are strongly recommending buying our big kit of small weights.

Customer Reviews

The best dumbbells!
Universal set!
From this set I can combine dumbbells from 5 to 15 kg. These are 6 variants that fit all my exercises.

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plates vinyl
dumbbell bar custom iron
Weight 30kg/66lb
Color black
Type weights
Brand Megashape

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