Adjustable dumbbells set 20kg (2x10kg)

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The Adjustable dumbbells are the optimal combination of compactness and functionality. You get several dumbbells in just one set, and you can independently adjust the load depending on your level of training. Starting with the lowest weight dumbbell and adding weights as your muscles get lighter and lighter. Adjustable dumbbells allow you to create all the conditions for a real gym workout.

20kg consist of 14 pieces:

  • 8pcs x 1.25kg weights plates
  • 4pcs x 2.5kg weights plates
  • 2pcs x iron dumbbell bar and 4pcs x vinyl spinlock сollars

Dumbbells are excellent athletic equipment that allows you to practice both in the gym and at home. The device will allow you to quickly assemble it and select the correct load for various exercises. The neck sits comfortably in the hand, does not slip out of the groove on the surface of the handle (12cm). The pancakes are securely held in place with the Vader nut. Thanks to the plastic shell, the discs will not damage the floor or walls if dropped. During training, they do not rattle, no smell.

Why do you need to buy the dumbbells set

It is impossible to imagine a full workout without additional weight. Because only dumbbells make it possible to achieve the desired physical shape, muscle growth, and a distinct relief, and in this case, we use special equipment.

Adjustable dumbbells 20kg have many advantages:

• optimal weight - the weight of dumbbells up to 20 kg is enough to achieve an average level of training;

• safety - strong fasteners allow you to fix the dumbbells on the bar securely;

• comfort - the bar rests comfortably in your hand and does not slip out during active exercises.

It is also worth remembering that these dumbbells are very functional: you can perform a numerous variety of exercises, from side swings to deadlifts and squats, to develop leg muscles.

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plates vinyl
dumbbell bar custom iron
Weight 30kg/45lb
Color black
Type weights
Brand Megashape

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