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Barbell weight set is suitable for a wide range of workout

Beyond any reasonable doubt, the barbell is considered the best tool for increasing strength and endurance. This modern sports equipment is characterized by extreme mobility and versatility. The barbell set consists of a bar and weight plates that allow you to adjust weight focusing on your capabilities. Any seasoned lifter can tell you that nothing is more perfect than a barbell bench press as this is the quintessence of all chest exercises. Many people simply enjoy their ability to make heavy load barbell bench press while training.
You can buy a cheap yet high-quality 25 kg barbell set with a 47" curl bar to benefit from strength training and building muscles. We offer the best-priced barbell set of 3 pieces in the UK:
  • 10kg weight plates x 2 pcs
  • 120cm / 47" Solid Chrome Curl Bar (7kg) x 1 pcs

The benefits of barbell workout

It is advisable to carry out barbell training on a regular basis, gradually increasing the number of work sets and the weight of the plates. This is the only way to achieve visible success. It usually doesn't take long to see the result. The barbell is able to provide fat loose building muscle in a very short time. It is only worth choosing a training method based on your specific goal.

The advantages of barbell use for training are as follows:

  • Versatility.
  • The barbell is a versatile thing. It may not be the same as dumbbells, but in comparison with strength training equipment, it definitely wins. Strength machines are designed for one or two movements and have a rather limited range of motion. The barbell, on the other hand, allows you to strengthen almost all the muscles in the body. In addition, it is cheaper and takes up less space than any home exercise machine.
  • Adaptability.
  • Increasing weight is an important point in the progress of muscle build and getting stronger. Once the body gets stronger, it needs more resistance, i.e. extra weight, to progress and move towards its goal.
  • Simplicity
  • A barbell is a bar with two fixed weight plates on the ends. Its use is simple and straightforward, and the structural strength allows the use of large weights. Plates are always fixed (using special clamps) and remain stable throughout the entire workout.
The barbell is universal gear and it will benefit both men and women. The main thing is to choose the right weight. Do not make it too heavy while warm-up or if you are a beginner. Try to enjoy this kind of strength training.

So you can reap the benefits of a good dumbbell 25kg set of 3 pieces:

5kg weights plates

2pcs x 10kg weights plates

Barbell Bar

1 x 120cm / 47" Solid Chrome Curl Bar Bar One Piece = 7kg

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