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This barbell is designed to fit into any home or gym for long-lasting performance. Suitable for a wide range of workouts from easy to complex, it can also improve balance and stability: a 70 kg capacity allows you to build up the weights gradually to suit your ability.

So you can reap the benefits of a good dumbbell 50kg set of 7 pieces:

5kg weights plates

6pcs x 10kg weights plates

Barbell Bar

1 x 180cm / 71" Solid Chrome Barbell Bar One Piece = 10kg

It is not very easy to choose the weight of your daily workout. Usually, we want all the kits on the market. We don’t need them all. Pilates, cross lifting, powerlifting, classic Olympic heavy-lift – these are too different types of activities. One can’t easily master them all without a plan. And meticulous planning always presumes that you will have a proper adjustable barbell set.

70 kg is a middleweight for amateur athletes. Complete rookies start with the lightest kit (according to their size, of course). This adjustable barbell set is made for two understandable purposes:

• to build initial mass;

• to make a regular warm-up when you are a proven athlete already.

Both goals are essential. An adjustable barbell set is just excellent for developing stamina in every stage of your athlete career. If you think that the workout is too easy now – double it eventually, and enjoy the magic of fitness.

So, our excellent home barbell set consists of:

• six pieces of 10 kilos standard weight plates. As usual, we’ve made them of robust and solid custom iron, with a decent vinyl silence layer. Also, vinyl coat prevents the inner parts of the plate from corrosion;

• a short 10-kilo bar with two standard Vader nuts, all the surfaces are chrome coated.

All of our athletic sets are long-lasting due to material quality. Just invest a couple of hundreds of pounds directly in your health – and you will be satisfied for years. There are many great athletic complexes of workouts with middleweights, so you can easily try them all.

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I really liked the set, the weights are enough and to spare.
Weight plates of very good quality, no smell, the weight corresponds.
Take it and you won't regret.
Perfect thanks!

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vinyl, custom iron
70 kg
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