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Barbell weight set 50 kg

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It is one of the most universal bunches of irons for every advanced athlete. The adjustable barbell set is recommended for everyone, but 50 kilos means a serious challenge. A newcomer often can’t tame it. Also, for starting teenagers and women we present lesser sets. It is a matter of basic physiology: you have to build limbs and torso muscles properly, step by step.

For lifters, a 50 kg barbell set is a child play. But routine exercise complexes are vivid. A medium adjustable barbell set helps you to build stamina, broad shoulders, and a muscle torso. Every professional athlete does warming and stretching complexes with modest weights frequently.

We’ve made a classic device for crosslift, powerlifting, or just daily sports activity. Plates are made of special iron and are coated with a thick layer of vinyl. So, the adjustable barbell set is also silent and can be used on every floor type freely and safely. The warranty is long and proven.

The 50 kg kit for barbells consists of:

• a robust chromed bar of a straight, “Olympic” shape, locked with a pair of chromed Vader nuts;

• Four equal vinyl coated iron plates.

All the components are brand new and have fresh grease on the joints. The set is helpful for amateur exercises and semi-professional gyms equally. The “initial” weight is and will always be an essential part of power fitness. Also, you can master your technique with a lesser barbell first for better development of your muscles.

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