Barbell weight set 100 kg

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100Kg Barbell weight set

If you are a fitness freak or interested in toning up your body with muscle-building then this barbell set is the right choice for you. Built with quality and precision this 100kg barbell set is perfect for all kinds of training and ages.

We understand the necessity of a good Barbell set for effective training. With this professional level 100 kg weight set you can train efficiently and comfortably. The multiple weight plates allow the user to decide their training level as per their strength and endurance level.

This barbell set uses the latest engineering techniques in the design which offers great grip, perfect finish and long-lasting construction. Buy this weight set to add a great piece of equipment to your home gym or Olympic training practices.

Key highlights of the product

  • Brilliant ergonomic design for perfect stability and hold
  • Perfect for all kinds of training weight lifting, body shaping, endurance building etc.
  • Adjustable plate setting offering multiple combination training
  • Quiet operation causing no knocking and noise
  • High-quality construction ensuring long-lasting performance
  • Anti-slipping grip offering maximum safety
  • Innovative design to facilitate beginner trainees
  • Rust and weather-resistant coating

What it includes

The set includes 11 pieces that are:

  • 1 180 cm metal rod
  • 8 pieces 10 kg weight plates
  • 2 pieces 5 kg plates

So you can start from a low weight setting to higher without any issues!

Product features

This Barbell weight set is the first choice of bodybuilders and amateur trainees both as the design suits all. It provides stability and endurance to the body and with its carefully designed structure lifting it and working out is no hassle at all. Some of the star features of this amazing weight set are:

●Ergonomic design

It is constructed by expert engineers. The ergonomic design of this 100 kg barbell set distributes the weight uniformly over the rod. Thus the lifter doesn't get the burden of the 100 kg weight on its one shoulder or on back causing any severe injury. The rod is easy to hold for a while with a perfect fit for the hands without any excess strain.

●Quality built

The construction of this weight set is remarkable with high-quality built material integrated to form a strong and reliable product. The set is built with custom iron and layered with thick vinyl lining. The vinyl layer of the rod offers a quiet operation and even if you are working out late at night it won't cause any disturbance to others due to weight plates clanging with each other.

●Durable and long-lasting

The design and construction of this 100 kg barbell set are robust and sturdy. It will give you decades of practice and weight training before it wears out. It won't rust or get affected by the weather and all the sweat from training. So investing in such a high-quality product one time is far better than buying various barbell sets over the years that break down in a short span.

●Multiple weight settings

Another plus point of this 100 kg weight set is that it doesn't have heavyweight plates with all the weight stacked together. With multiple 10 kg and 5 kg, adjustable plate sets the beginners can start from low weight settings and gradually increase their loads. This adjustable plate setting is beneficial if you plan to use the set for multiple users at a home gym or your endurance building.

●Impressive grip

What's most important in a barbell set is the grip on the rod. If the rod is slippery or offers minimal grip then there are high chances of the rod falling or causing severe injuries to the user. Due to the ergonomics involved while designing and the built material the grip of this 100 kg barbell set is perfect and you can easily hold it for a long span without the barbell slipping.

●Innovative design

The rod length in this barbell set is kept 180cm which is smaller than the standard Olympic barbell rod length. The reason for this innovation in design is to facilitate amateur weight lifters to avoid injuries and provide additional stability during the lift. This careful design calculation by our engineers makes this set one of the best-constructed products in the UK market.

●Perfect for all

Whether you want to enhance your stamina or shape your torso. Strength training, weight lifting and body sculpting, you can use this set for all kinds of exercises and pieces of training. This set is adjustable according to your needs and capabilities and is perfect for both men and women.

●Reliable Safety

This weight set with 100 Kg plates is completely safe to handle with spring safety collars that are unbreakable and easy to use. You can tighten them using one hand only and they won’t unwind in any case. Plus it has no screws for locking so no worries about denting the bar. This spring closure system ensures the weight plates stay in place during weight lifting sessions.

●Embedded sleeve design

The iron built sleeve of this barbell set is molded within the rubber preventing any knocking and denting. This provides extra strength to the sleeve and ensures it doesn't come out. Included fastener and end caps make it super easy to disassemble the set and grease or service it later.

●Rust and sweat-resistant design

The protective coating and rubber layering in the handle and sleeves ensure that your rod doesn't rust easily and wear off just by sitting there. Be it the sweat of the trainers or water falling from their bottles this rod and weight plates won’t get damaged. You can work out easily without any stress of wiping the set every time it gets wet.

●Tri-grip technology

Weight plates of this 100 kg set are designed with tri-grip technology i.e. all have 3 handles which makes it easy to lift them and attach them to the barbell. Also, the plates can be used separately for weight training without the rod due to their amazing grip and handles.

Grab this 100 Kg Barbell set right now and diversify your workouts to achieve your weight lifting goals! 

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