Barbells set

Select and buy barbells set for your practice

The barbells set is sports equipment that helps to build figure and muscles. It is used not only for gaining muscle mass but also for improving muscle definition, developing strength, and increasing endurance. Each athlete involved in strength training will certainly use a barbell in their workouts. This equipment for working with free weights can be safely called universal since it can be used to train all muscle groups.

However, considering the number of options in the market existing nowadays to choose and buy the right barbells set for the gym or home workout can become a complicated task. We offer for sale a wide range of high-quality cheap barbells that are suitable both for beginners and professional athletes. You can select, order the barbell you like, and benefit from the excellent quality and affordable price. The highlights worth paying attention to for making the right choice are listed below.

The main types of barbells set

The bar is the heart of any barbell, regardless of its purpose. This part of the equipment is the most responsible when choosing. Even though at the mention of this sports gear, the imagination draws an exclusively straight classic bar, this is not the end of it. We offer several basic types of barbell bars for different exercises.

Classic straight barbell bar

A universal device for working out all muscle groups. Allows you to do both basic exercises with free weights and isolated exercises for local muscle groups. The length is 180 centimeters, and the diameter is 25-30 mm, which is enough for a comfortable grip. The bar's own weight is 10 kilograms, which means that it alone is already a very good tool for working out the biceps, triceps, shoulders, and traps.

W-shaped bar for barbells set

Compact bar with a length of 120 centimeters, the diameter is the same 25-30 millimeters for a comfortable grip. Its middle part is W-shaped. It is widely used for performing isolated exercises and local working out of small muscle groups like biceps, triceps, shoulder girdle. It is a great option for morning exercises and home workouts.

EZ-shaped bar (easy)

This is an alternative version of the W-shaped bar that has a noticeable curve in the middle. This makes it suitable for biceps exercises with a wide variety of grip and width, which allows you to work out the given muscle. Its length is also 120 centimeters, and its diameter in the grip area is 2.5-3 centimeters. Its lightweight makes it suitable for beginners.

The major aspects for choosing a barbell for training

Barbell bar length:

  • If you choose barbells set for performing isolated exercises for biceps, triceps, you should select compact barbells, with a length of the bar that does not exceed 120 centimeters.
  • If the training of back muscles is added to the exercises, as well as in the case when the barbell is selected for a teenager, you should stop your choice on models with 150 centimeters bar length.
  • In the case when it is planned to work out all the muscles and perform not only isolated but also basic exercises, there is no alternative to the classic 180 cm bar.

Weight plates are special plates that allow you to gain the necessary weight on the bar. When choosing a set of plates, you should take into account your own power indicators, the optimal set is almost always weighing from 2.5 to 25 kilograms, and each weight plate should be a pair.

Fasteners (locks) are special devices designed to fix the plates on the bar and prevent them from falling and moving along the bar during exercise. The design of the locks can be spring or mechanical. In the first type, the weight plates are fixed using a special spring clip, in the second they are pressed with a mechanical lock of the rotary structure.